Sizzler today – at least in the sense of September. Highs made it into the upper 80s!

Could have knocked me over with a feather with that Boston temperature. I fully expected a soothing sea breeze to kick in during the afternoon and keep us in the low 80s. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the September sun. Yes it can be strong, but superimposed on a dry environment – like the one we’re in now – it can heat the ground very quickly since most of the sun’s energy isn’t wrapped up in evaporating water vapor.

Speaking of, there are some spots in Massachusetts that have seen a return to the muggy air. Dewpoints were hovering around the mid and upper 60s throughout Southeastern Mass. this afternoon. I expect this to be the only area to stay in the "super soupy" air through Saturday. It may creep up over the rest of the Commonwealth in the coming days, but we won’t be returning to that dripping-wet humidity we saw in past weeks.

Our foray into the 80s comes to a screeching halt this weekend with the arrival of a robust front. Highs fall from the 80s to the 70s with a brisk breeze.

Jury is still out on the effectiveness of showers from Monday-Wednesday. Some weather models increase the coverage and intensity of the wet weather by midweek, while others just play up the cloud game. Either way, we’re cooler…but don’t get too comfortable with the September-like air. Some warm weather may return by the tail end of next week.


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