"Ok, guys. We’ve won two games in a row. If we win tonight, its called a winning streak. It HAS HAPPENED before.“-Major League 2. Haha…..one of my fav lines from that movie franchise and it kinda sorta works for the blog today. Boston has reached 90 the past two days and we have a shot at it today. If we get there it will be dubbed a heat wave…our first since July of 2013.

What will happen is humidity lowering through the day so at least it will be more of a dry heat this afternoon. We'll also have a nice westerly breeze moving the hot,dry air around. Fantastic way to close the books on July 2015. The weekend offers a continuation of warm/hot temps (weather is subjective so you can label it how you see fit) with the afternoon numbers between 85-90 each day. Saturday may see a few isolated thunder showers pop up late in the day…..again, isolated and the Lakes Region of NH down toward the Berkshires more so than the beaches. Sunday will see a smidge more humidity creep back into New England. It looks like the humidity really surges back in here early next week eventually leading to some showers & storms Tuesday afternoon.

Enjoy the last day of July!


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