If you are a fan of hot, humid weather then the upcoming pattern is in your wheelhouse! We have hazy sunshine on tap today as temps head for 90 this afternoon. It's a humid day as well so the heat & humidity will work to trigger some isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. The key word being isolated. Outdoor plans can get accomplished–some locations without interruption and others just a minor interruption. Great beach day ahead–use that sunscreen.

For the remainder of the week, it becomes essentially a "sea breeze" forecast. High pressure uses some vacation days here in New England so mostly sunny skies for several days with little to no rain expected. A sea breeze forecast is trying to figure when the sea breeze will begin & what that will do to Boston temps (measured out at Logan). #Yawn. Inland temps will head for the low to mid 90s for several days (heat wave) and coastal cities & towns (thanks to that sea breeze) will flirt with 90 each day (heat wave possible).

In terms of rain, there may be a few isolated thunderstorms late Thursday evening (after 8pm) but otherwise we are rain-free…lawns & gardens will need your help.


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