When we look back at winter and look for the coldest week of the winter I have a feeling this week will win. The cards are aligning to drag polar & perhaps Siberian air into the United States these next 4 days. As I blog (7am) our temps in metro Boston are near 40. These temps are the warmest they will be for the next 6-7 days!

There will be several waves of arctic air masses that lower our temps. The first is slated to move into New England this morning and that will send our near 40 degree temps down through the 30s and eventually into the 20s by late today & this evening. Gusty wind between 25-35 mph will help to usher that air into the region and we may also see a few isolated snow showers & flurries during this arctic invasion.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we see cold both days with afternoon highs only in the 20s as well as a lot of clouds. A few passing flurries & snow showers are possible each day–especially on Wednesday as a strong arctic front blasts through the region. These squalls will be very isolated but also potentially very intense. What this front will do is send our temps down close to zero (and below) by early Thursday morning. Don’t plan on much recovery during the day as most towns finish near 12 for afternoon highs (Thursday itself will likely be the coldest day of the entire winter). Tough to be outside during this extreme cold.

The cold will ease as we head into the weekend but temps stay out of the 30s (and higher) until Sunday. As for the playoff game down at Gillette on Saturday, look for  clear skies and temps in the low 20s for tailgate/kickoff temps then moving into the teens during the game.

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