Ok…this is what I think of when I think early spring weather in New England. The past few days as well as the next few days. Some wind, rain, sun, mild temps as well as cool temps. All in all, not too shabby for the week ahead.

We do have another rainstorm on the way for tonight but the daylight hours today are dry despite an increase in clouds. The temps will be seasonably mild with most cities & towns near 60 but coastal locations with have a breeze blowing from the ocean so plan on temps in the mid 50s at these locations. The first raindrops arrive between 8-9pm and last for much of the night (yes, it looks wet out at Fenway mid game and beyond). I don’t think this rainstorm will be as intense as the one last weekend with most towns between .5 and 1.0″ of rain by early Tuesday morning. Some thunder/lightning is also possible with the rain overnight.

The storm is a fast mover which means we can get the rain out of here by 8am tomorrow (bit later on the Cape) but the fast moving nature of the storm means there is wind upstairs. That wind will be with us for much of tomorrow, at times gusting near 30 mph. It will be a warm wind though as we see morning temps near 45 take off & reach the mid 60s by afternoon with a mix of sun & clouds.

The wind is gone by midweek but so is the 60 degree weather as a little bubble of cooler air drops in from Canada. Daytime temps will reach the low 50s (isn’t it nice to refer to low 50s as “cooler weather?) under a mostly sunny sky. Milder weather returns by Thursday.

Have a great day—stay away from those Mondays


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