Here Comes the Sun… and Melting

UGH.  Yesterday’s cold was stubborn as heck!  It just didn’t want to budge, and managed to hang around until the late afternoon.  That was tough to deal with, especially because it kept the ice around and the grumpiness in tact.  ;c)  After another round of rain and freezing rain overnight, we’re in for a dry and milder afternoon.

Some drizzle, mist and fog are hanging around for the morning, but we’ll see this damp air move out within the next couple of hours.  Most of the temperatures this morning are either at freezing (32°) or into the mid 30s… but there’s still the potential for some icy spots.  Plus, once we get the milder air working in this afternoon, the melting will cause for sheets of ice to slide off of roofs and elevated surfaces.  Be mindful of that today!  Highs this afternoon will be in the low to mid 40s.  We’re wrapping up the month of December around 10.6 degrees above average – and putting this December in the books as the warmest on record.  So, it’s only fitting that we wrap up the month with another above average day.  (Believe it or not, yesterday was right on par with average!!  The temp for Boston managed to climb to 36° during the evening).

By the way, as we wrap up this CRAZY 2015 (record-breaking snow, record-breaking cold, record-breaking warmth) – it’s worth comparing the month of February 2015 to December 2015…  Oh yeah… Remember February???  Let me refresh your memory (while most of us are trying to repress the memory):

February 2015:  2nd coldest February on record for BOS, the COLDEST for ORH – Snowiest month on record with 64.8" for Boston (in ONE MONTH!) which eventually contributed to our record seasonal snowfall of 110.6".  YIKES.  Longest stretch below 40°… do you really want me to tell you how many days we stayed that cold?  42 DAYS.

December 2015:  Warmest December on record, record warmth on Christmas Eve, 20 days during the month above 50°… and a very late 1st snowfall!  We didn’t see any measurable snow for BOS and ORH until the 29th.

New Year’s Eve will be dry and cool.  We should still be sitting around 40° at 7pm, mid 30’s at midnight, and back down to freezing by about 3am.  However, a light breeze out of the west will make it feel like it’s in the mid-20s!  No more of this "shorts and flip-flops" weather… We better start getting used to the winter, because it’s here to stay.

We’ll be kicking off 2016 on a very cold note.  An arctic blast is in store for us to start the next work-week, so we’ll really have to get the kids bundled up before sending them back out to the bus stop!  Lows will be in the teens and "tweens" on Monday and Tuesday – and highs top out in the mid to upper 20s.  Brrr… What a difference from just a week ago!  As far as big snow-makers go, things look quiet for at least the next week… 

See you next year!  – Breezy