Here We Go Again…

Did you sleep in this morning like I suggested??  If you did, then you probably missed all of the action!  And, it really was quite an event!!  As Rob Eicher wrote in his blog earlier today, this system "bombed" out as it moved through.  It was a fast and furious event, that left us with some mighty wind through the rest of the day.  Now we move on to Round 2.  Ding-Ding.  You ready?

The NWS has posted a Winter Weather Advisory from 3am to 8pm Monday (see below).  Snow works in from the west overnight, and Worcester County will see the flakes fly as early as about 5am.  With temps dropping into the 20s tonight, there’s the potential (while the sun is still down) for accumulation to start around that same time.  So, snow could accumulate more easily tomorrow than it did today, especially on non-treated roads and surfaces.  This could cause headaches for the morning commute.  Allow for extra time to be on the safe side, and set out the hat and boots for the kiddos heading to the bus stop!

Tomorrow’s snow event is different from today’s.  Monday’s snow will be a longer-duration event, but also NOT as intense.  There are no wind worries this time around.  With that said, just seeing the flakes fly all throughout an April day… it could take a toll on some of our moods.  I’d say the timeline on the snow is from about 5am to about 6pm with lighter, more tapered snow showers in the afternoon.  As far as accumulation goes, I expect a general 3-5" by day’s end.  1-3" for far SE Mass, S. Coast, Cape Cod and islands – due to mixing with rain by mid-morning.  I do think there will be some spots that come in with a report of 6-7" of snow, but this should be isolated and most likely in higher terrain.  Keep in mind, after the sun comes up – even with temps below freezing – it will be a battle between falling snow and melting snow.  It is spring, after all.  :c)

I just really wish I had more warmth in the forecast to tell you about.  I know this is a bit of a bummer, but try to be patient and kind.  We’re all in this together!  – Breezy