Cain: "I'm not being defiant. There's just no more new information- no new documentation or any of that. That's not being defiant."

Hiller: "Is there any…?"

Cain: "I'm moving on…"

Hiller: "Is there any place in you where you feel like it's slipping away?"

Cain: "No sir. No, no."

Hiller: "Are you going to win New Hampshire? Come in second?"

Cain: "We gonna do well in New Hampshire. I'm confident we're going to do well. I'm not picking a number. We're going to do well in New Hampshire! You know why? 9-9-9 baby!"

Either Herman Cain knows something no one else does, or everyone knows something he doesn't.

He's losing ground in polls in New Hampshire, and nationally, but, as you just heard, he couldn't be more confident.

Before he was a candidate, Cain was a motivational speaker. But now his words may be motivating him more than inspiring voters.

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