Hernandez attorneys demand end to media leaks

NEW BEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - A legal battle is brewing over the letters Aaron Hernandez left behind before he killed himself inside his prison cell. The ex-NFL star’s family is now demanding answers and they want anyone who leaked information to the media about his death, including the existence of the suicide notes, to be fired.

Hernandez’s legal team says government officials who are leaking the information are in violation of the law. The flood of leaks to reporters as the Hernandez suicide story unfolds has frustrated them.

In court Thursday, they sent a letter to the Worcester District Attorney and the Department of Corrections, demanding action. The attorneys say they understand the examination of letters and other items found in Hernandez’s prison cell are relevant to the investigation, but they are not pleased with their handling of the media.

In a letter, his attorneys wrote: “Unfortunately, snippets of the contents of these notes and findings of the investigation have been leaked to the press. Individuals within the government who are leaking such information are in violation of the policies and procedures of their respected agencies and should be immediately terminated. Such individuals are violating the law.”

The attorneys also say the district attorney and prison officials have in their possession, letters Hernandez wrote to his lawyers.

“We hereby demand that the originals of such communications be provided to the defense team, and any and all copies be accounted for and destroyed,” Hernandez’s attorneys wrote.

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