BOSTON (WHDH) - A veteran who lost his vision is getting ready to run this year’s Boston Marathon.

Rob Sanchas is one of the thousands of people preparing for this year’s Boston Marathon and when he hits the pavement on Monday, his running guide Jeremy Howard will be by his side every step of the way.

“Basically we are tied together by the waist,” Sanches explained. “We run side-by-side. Because of my vision, and the complexity, I usually just look at the ground or keep my eyes closed.”

“He is now running three minutes faster per mile than he was when we first started and it’s just incredible,” his partner Jeremy Howard said.

The army veteran lost his vision during a bungee cord accident and says moving his body helps with stress.

“I realized when I’m running I could just close my eyes or look at the ground so I don’t have any complexities,” Sanches explained. “I could just run, all I do is listen to their voice.”

The two got connected through the Play Brigade — an organization that raises awareness and provides opportunities to make playing sports and participating in recreational activities more accessible for all.

Sanchas and Howard are training to meet their $10,000 goal for the organization and get through the run in under five hours.

“He’s amazing and I have to give him so much credit I had almost forgotten that he has this impairment it’s kind of become more about coaching him just to get to this five-hour mark,” said Howard

“Just to say, ‘I’m going to do this.’ Once you get to that point half the battle is already won,” said Sanchas. “You just have to figure out the how.”

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