Wait a minute. Snow??! Again?

Wait another minute. Even though it’s coming during the morning ride, it’s not that big of a deal.

Hear me out. The setup is a familiar one early in the season: rain is first, then we wait for the cold to sweep in to change us over. My experience with this is twofold: it often takes until the end of the event to see the changeover at the coast, but it comes in much sooner in the higher elevations of Central and Western New England. And unless you have a driving wind and a mature storm, the amounts are paltry.

So, in that light, here’s what I’m thinking:

Notice I didn’t say “what the model is saying” or “here’s one solution”. I figure you’re reading this blog because you want my opinion, not a computer model’s. I’m not dissing them, I just think they have their time and place. With all the fancy colors and perspectives it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that they’re tools for forecasting, not the forecast itself.

Enough of the diatribe. What’s it like when you’re driving to work? Wet, puddles, wheel spray, that kind of thing. Some snow on the median, but not on the roads. Ground isn’t frozen and the air isn’t that cold. Sun should be out by mid morning, with a steady, cold wind and bright skies for the afternoon.

Weekend weather is also pretty chilly. And long range – after a wet storm on Monday – the cold will deepen. I’m seeing highs just above freezing by the middle of next week.

Friday is hours away. Drive safe!



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