High profile doctor called in for independent autopsy of Hernandez’s body

WATERTOWN, MA (WHDH) - Doctor Michael Baden was seen leaving Watertown on Thursday, just after completing an independent autopsy of Aaron Hernandez’s body.

He flew in from New York at the request of Hernandez’s defense team.

Doctor Baden is the former chief pathologist for the New York State Police.

He played a part on the investigations of the assassinations of both JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.

But he is best known for his testimony in high-profile cases, including the OJ Simpson trial.

Baden also performed an autopsy on Michael Brown, the teen who was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri.

He served as a forensic expert for the defense in the trial of record producer Phil Spector and was called in to examine the body of John Belushi after this drug related death in 1982.



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