High school track team’s bus catches fire in N.J.

A high school track team in New Jersey made it to their championship meet after a fire destroyed their bus and some of their gear.

The 32 members of the track team were waiting to leave for their meet their high school in Newark. When their coach Damon Harrison went to get something from his car, he said he noticed smoke and flames under the bus. 

"I was waving to all the kids, get out of the bus, get out of the bus, because I wasn’t sure it was going to blow up or not," said Harrison.

Just seconds after the team, their assistant coach and the bus driver climbed off the bus, Harrison said it was fully engulfed in flames.

The team still made it to their meet, where some students had to share uniforms and shoes after some gear was destroyed in the fire. The team managed to finish seventh in its county.

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