Bring it on!

Iowa is history and now New Hampshire is about to make some of its own.

The candidates are coming! Or, they’re already here.

And a week before New Hampshire votes, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders are both big leaders here, though only one won in Iowa last night.

Despite his disappointing finish in Iowa, Donald Trump is still the New Hampshire leader, with 38%.  Ted Cruz is second, with 14%, and Marco Rubio is third,  with 10%. John Kasich and Jeb Bush both have 9%.

The rest of the Republicans are in low single digits:  Chris Christie, 5%… Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina both get 3%; Rand paul, 2%…And 7% are undecided

We can start connecting the dots on our tracking poll., and we’re already seeing some movement.

Donald Trump is holding steady, but Sen. Ted Cruz is up two points, and Sen. Marco Rubio has climbed into third place, with his two point increase.  

There was no change for Gov. John Kasich or former Gov. Jeb Bush.

The Democrats had a virtual deadlock in Iowa, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
winning by less than a per centage point.

There’s a lot more space between the candidates here.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, at 63%, is still doubling the support Hillary Clinton gets, with 30%.

And in our tracking , a bit of a surprise:  A 2% increase for Bernie Sanders, widening his already huge margin. 

Our tracking poll combines three days of polling, so not much of it includes New Hampshire’s voters reacting to the Iowa results.

But we should start seeing who got a bounce from Iowa–and who got bounced–as soon as tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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