Hillary Clinton is no stranger to the Secretary of State’s Office in New Hampshire.

"The same spot. My fourth time," said Clinton.

The first time was 1991, for her husband’s first campaign. In 1995, she visited as first lady. And she was back for the third time in 2007, for her first campaign.

When she announced her candidacy in April, she was the instant front runner. But then she stumbled. Now, thanks to a strong debate performance, an even stronger appearance before the Congressional Benghazi Committee, and Joe Biden deciding not to run, Hillary is dominating the Democratic road to the White House.

Average all the national polls, and she’s beating Bernie Sanders 55-33, by more than 20 points. In Iowa she has a similar lead, 54 to 30. And in New Hampshire she’s now just a point behind Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders  (44% Sanders, 43% Clinton) after trailing by him by 15 points just a few weeks ago.

Hiller: "How does it feel once again to be inevitable?"
Hillary Clinton: "That’s not how it feels…I know I have to spend a lot of time, reaching out, let people know why election is important."

But if she wouldn’t say she’s inevitable, her supporters certainly would:
Hiller: "How confident are you that Hillary Clinton’s going to get the Democratic nomination?"
Woman:  "Very confident."
Hiller:  "What would she have to do to not get it?"
Woman: "I can’t imagine."

Man:  "Just to quit, that’s the only thing."
Hiller:  "She stays in, she’s getting it?"
Man:  "She’s getting it."

Hiller:  "What would she have to do not to get the nomination?"
Woman 2: "Well, I can’t think of anything, at this point, to be honest with you."

Polls tell you where a campaign stands in a particular point in time, but times can change. That’s why there’s no sure bet in politics. But Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for president is about as close as you can get to a sure thing.

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