Why is Marco Rubio smiling?

Because he should be.  

Florida Senator Rubio is the Republican with momentum, moving up in the polls.  And his message is clear:  America is at a crossroads:

"It’s either going to be greater than its ever been, or we’re going to be the first Americans to leave our children worse off than ourselves.  That’s the only two ways forward.  And that’s what this election has to be about, that choice," said Sen. Rubio.

"I think he’s a baby", said Donald Trump.  "He’s using me for publicity."

As Rubio has gone up in the polls, frontrunner Donald Trump has increasingly come down on him.

Example:  This ad on Trump’s Twitter page, headlined "Never hire a boy to do a man’s job", and featuring a picture of a young Rubio.

Hiller:  "When he calls you "little Rube" or "nice boy", isn’t he taunting you?"

Sen. Rubio:  "Yeah, but, a couple points- this is how he gets attention.  And the other is- he’s a guy that’s sensitive to criticism.  So he reacts these ways, and it is what it is.  From time to time we’ll respond, because it’s fun to watch him blow up even more."

Rubio is also running against Jeb Bush, who was at one time his political mentor in Florida. 

If Rubio wins the White House, Bush could be working with him there:

Sen. Rubio:  "This is not about running against Jeb, or any of the other people running."

Hiller: "Would you put him in your cabinet?"

Sen. Rubio:  "Well, I don’t know if he wants that, it’s premature to talk about that."

Hiller:  "But if he wanted?"

Sen. Rubio:  "He’s early a guy who’s very qualified and could do a number of jobs."

Hiller:  "You’re a charismatic first term senator without much executive experience, why doesn’t that make you this year’s Barack Obama?"

Sen. Rubio:   "Barack Obama hasn’t failed because he was in the senate for 2 years, he’s failed because his ideas don’t work.  He has 7 years of executive experience now, and he’s still making bad decisions."

It’s impossible to stand here today–in October–and say here’s what will happen next November.

But it’s also impossible to say Marco Rubio won’t be part of it.

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