Beverly Scott’s surprise resignation as head of the MBTA is bad news for Governor Charlie Baker.

Because before she resigned, Gov. Baker could use her as shield–putting the blame for the state’s train troubles on the MBTA–and, by extension, on her.

But now, the trains are still slow or stopped–and Beverly Scott is officially gone–so the blame game moves from the “T” to the State House.

That puts the target on Baker, and as Scott said yesterday, there’s no one anywhere on earth–or anywhere else–the governor can find miraculously turn the T around:

“I’m out–get what you need or what you want,” Scott said,  “but what you’ve got to do- is that you have to give that person whoever they are-  God, Jr. or whomever- give them the resources that they need and that means there has to be significant investment and reinvestment in the system.”

Thanks to her feisty personality, Beverly Scott will be remembered as a passionate defender of the T, and its need for money.

Still to come:   how Governor Baker will be remembered.

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