So far, Boston 2024 is like an Olympic athlete who falls, or fails. Something’s gone wrong.

It seems like we’ve been talking about the Olympics forever, but it was just January when the U.S. Olympic Committee chose Boston to compete for the 2024 Games.

Do you remember the celebration?

“Wow, can you believe this?” Mayor Marty Walsh said.

Of course not!  Because there wasn’t any!  Because only a very few people even knew we were competing!

Originally, it was all about Boston.  As a 2024 official said: “The city is the Olympic Park.  It becomes a public transit and walking Olympics.”

But now, Holyoke–where volleyball was invented– would like to host that sport, and Lowell would like people to go there for boxing.

So, after two months, the walking Olympics has apparently already walked away.

Just as Deval Patrick has already walked away from his going-for-the-gold post as a so-called Global Olympic Ambassador at $7,500 a day.

How dumb was that?

The former governor was going to sell us the connections he made, which he only got because we elected him and paid for his previous  global trips.

Thanks for devaluing you and us, Deval.

“I am not going to mortgage the city away for an Olympic bid,” Mayor Walsh said.

Of course you’ve heard all the promises that no taxpayer money will be used in the Olympic bid, except for infrastructure.  But that’s a lie! 

Because it already is!

Who do you think will pay up to $250,000 for the an independent Olympic consultant Governor Charlie Baker and legislative leaders are going to hire?  You will!

So, tax money is already involved.

The Boston 2024 campaign is just beginning.

But beware of how it may end.

If everyone who votes asks themselves,  “What’s in this for me?”

Then we’ll be watching the Olympics in 2024 being held somewhere else.

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