It was a war of words in a battle of the wings.

In one corner, there was Bernie Sanders–representing the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. 

And–in the other corner, Hillary Clinton–representing the practical, pragmatic wing.

There was a clear winner and losers.

This was Sander’s best debate.

He scorched Clinton on her judgment; on breaking up big banks; and on the minimum wage.

He was passionate and focused, and he kept Clinton on the defensive.

She challenged him, but he stated his positions so simply, he neutralized her superior experience.   If you were with Bernie before the debate began, you still are.

And–more than likely–if you supported Hillary when it started, you still do.

Which is not as good as it sounds.       

Clinton and Sanders both lost an opportunity to expand their support beyond their Democratic base.

They rarely mentioned the Republicans; in this debate, it was clear their battle was with each other, not the other party

And here’s why:

In national polls, Clinton is leading Sanders by just one percentage point.

And the New York Primary polls are getting closer.

So Clinton and Sanders have all they can handle competing for Democratic votes.

For now, the Republicans are an afterthought.

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