Michigan may have been a surprise, but this debate wasn’t.
It was the 8th Democratic debate, the 4th with just Clinton and Sanders.

So, by now, they know their lines and so do you.
In fact, you might have even be able to lip synch some of their answers.

The two candidates repeat those lines, because they’ve helped them both win primaries and caucuses.
Which made both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders winners in this debate … A tie! 
They have their talking points and they know who they’re talking to.
They each have a base:  Sanders: The young, and white voters; Clinton:  Non-whites and older voters.

But repetition made them both losers, too, because they’re low on ammunition, so they have little left that’s ground breaking, much less game changing.    

And their wide divisions will be hard to close after the Democratic National Convention.

Just for a moment, imagine Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are two designers with plans to upgrade the White House.

Sanders wants to gut the place, and completely refurnish it, and says the very rich can afford to pay for it.

Clinton’s plan is more modest, because she likes how the White House looks…And a lot of the furniture that’s already in it is her style, so she’d keep it.  

And that’s the Democrat’s choice:  Redecorate the presidency, or rebuild it.

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