Think of tonight as the squeeze debate … Because the squeeze is on:

"I don’t like being second!" said Donald Trump.  "Second is terrible to me…What the hell are you people doing to me?" 

But Donald Trump’s not laughing.

He raced to the front of the Republican pack on the road to the White House, and stayed there for months … But now the question is:  Is his campaign about to crash?

The Donald isn’t happy, and he’s lashing out:

"So you have Bush with a failing campaign, he’s got no money, he’s got no votes, he’s way down in the polls; you got Rubio doing poorly and he sweats like a dog; you got Carson, I don’t know what the hell is going on there, I don’t get it," said Trump.

But Ben Carson, who’s now beating Trump in Iowa and in one national poll, may have the answer:

"If you’re angry all the times," said Carson, "it’s a sign of selfishness.  It’s always about me, my and I.  Somebody did this to me, they took my thing, I want this."

So the major clash tonight is between the two leaders, but the squeeze is on for everyone.

Can Marco Rubio break through?

Can Jeb Bush stabilize his shaky campaign?

Can Carly Fiorina give another outstanding performance?

Can a frustrated John Kasich shake it all up?

"I’m fed up," Kasich said.  "I am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense and I’m gonna have to call it like it is, as long as I’m in this race."

Tonight you have a choice:  You can watch the debate or the World Series.  

Both could be very close–filled with fireworks–with the winner not known until the very end.

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