Hiller Instinct: Gov. Patrick run for president

Deval Patrick has finally admitted what everyone who’s ever covered him has always suspected:  in his mind, he could be president.

So add his name to the long list of Bay State governors, lieutenant governors, and senators who’ve seen themselves in the Oval Office, even though the nation’s voters didn’t.

What is it about the Massachusetts State House that makes our governors look out and see the White House?

Is it the Charles River?  Do they think it’s the Potomac?  Well, it’s not!

In the last presidential election, our former Governor Mitt Romney, was the Republican candidate, and–on election night–Romney didn’t go to the White House, he went home.

In the presidential election before that, our former Lieutenant Governor and US Senator John Kerry, was the Democratic candidate, and he lost, too.

In 1992, it was Bay State Senator Paul Tsongas going down to defeat.

In 1988, Michael Dukakis won the Democratic nomination, but lost the election.

And in 1980, it was Ted Kennedy’s turn to come up short.

Get the picture?  It’s a group of failed national candidates.  Will Deval Patrick join this group?

By simply saying, “maybe, maybe” about 2016, Patrick keeps his name in the game; keeps supporters contributing; and keeps reporters asking, “When? When?”

Well, I’ll tell you when:  when Hillary Clinton decides whether she’ll run.  Because, if she does, it won’t matter what Patrick does.

But, how about Vice President Patrick? He’d balance a ticket with Hillary…plus, he’s an excellent speaker and fundraiser. So, will that happen?

To use the governor’s words, “Maybe, maybe.”