What can I possibly tell you about Hillary Clinton that you don’t already know or think?

Probably nothing.

Which is her greatest strength and greatest weakness.

“I’m running for president,” Clinton said in a campaign video.

Hillary Clinton is the unprecedented presidential candidate. In the most recent NBC News poll, 99% of everyone asked said they know enough to have an opinion about her.

And those opinions are as divided as America.

In another major poll, her favorable rating is 49% — unfavorable 46%. Translation: She’s no sure shot, but she sure is the front runner.

“I think she would be an excellent president,” President Obama said.

One of the biggest questions about her candidacy is whether President Obama’s supporters will vote for her to be president.

The president’s voting coalition was unique: It’s unlikely Hillary will earn as many minority votes as President Obama, but she could make up that shortfall with women.

Yes, a president Hillary Clinton would be history, but it’s her own history that could keep her out of the White House.

Bill Clinton wasn’t part of her announcement, but he will be part of her campaign, and before she formally announced this weekend, Saturday Night Live was showing the kind of coverage the couple can expect from now on: 

  • Actor playing Bill Clinton: “Hillary would make a great president. And I would make an even greater first dude.”
  • Actor playing Hillary: “Thank you, Bill. That’s nice.”
  • Actor playing Bill: “Hillary, isn’t it crazy that phones can take video now? I mean, if they could have done that in the 90’s, I’d be in jail.”
  • Actor playing Hillary: “Great, Bill. I love jokes about that.”

I can see Hillary Clinton winning or losing, this election.

And I can also see a campaign unlike any ever before,  because that’s part of the charm of the Clintons.

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