Hiller Instinct: Jeb Bush

When Jeb Bush arrived in New Hampshire today after what some are calling a lackluster performance during last night’s debate, 7’s Political Editor Andy Hiller was ready with questions.

Hiller: "Governor, do you really want to be president?"
Bush: "Yes I do. Absolutely."
Hiller: "How do you think you did last night"
Bush: "I did great."

Job one for Bush in New Hampshire today was digging himself out of the very deep hole he put himself in during the debate.

"There are the talkers and there are the doers. I wish I could talk as well as some of the people on the stage, the big personalities on the stage, but I’m a doer," Bush said. 

Bush’s worst debate moment was when he challenged Marco Rubio’s missed votes in the U.S. Senate.

"What is it like a French work week? You get like three days where you have to show up? You can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job," Bush said.

"The only reason why you’re doing it now is because we’re running for the same position and somebody has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you," Rubio replied.

After the New Hampshire event today, at a crowded news conference, Bush continued to answer questions.

Andy: "Is it possible that you just don’t project enough strength to be elected president?"
Bush: "We’re going to find that out, aren’t we?"
Hiller: "Aren’t we starting to see some of that though?"
Bush: "Here’s the deal: I’m campaigning harder than anybody else. I have a proven record. There is no one who has the proven record in business and in government that I have. I’m going to go share that with people and you’ll find out if i’m strong enough."
Hiller: "Why aren’t voters buying that?"
Bush: "They are buying it right now in New Hampshire and a lot more people will buy it as we campaign harder"

Bush cited his record as Florida’s governor to prove he’s a doer.

Bush: "We increased child support by 90% because I wasn’t talking about it, I did it. I fixed it, and I did it with strength and that’s my point."
Hiller: "Your self-confidence hasn’t taken a hit? No hit in your self-confidence?" 
Bush: "No, not at all."         

When asked about debating Hillary Clinton, Bush had plenty of ammo loaded and ready to go about her record in the senate. But after last night, the odds are against him getting to use it.

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