When New Hampshire voters say they’re for a candidate, how for are they?

How committed?

The answer is:  Not very.

You see the candidates surrounded by cheering supporters all across the Granite State.

You might assume the candidates have won their votes.

But you shouldn’t, even if a voter says she’s made up her mind.

Our exclusive 7News UMass Lowell Poll shows 44% of Republicans , and 24% of Democrats  say they can still change their minds.

So don’t be fooled by a small undecided numbers, because they may not be so small:

"This is something we’re more likely to see in primaries, than in general elections," said Dr. Joshua Dyck, UMass Lowell pollster.  "Because in primaries, voters like most of the candidates and wait up until the end to decide who to vote for."

But some candidates voters are less undecided than others.

No surprise:  Bernie Sanders’ supporters are the most loyal:  Only 19% may change  their minds.

But Hillary Clinton does pretty well, too.  21% of her supporters could switch.

Donald Trump has the most loyal Republican supporters…31% could change their mind.

For Ted Cruz, the number is 42%.

Marco Rubio, 43%.

Dr. Dyck explains:  "The number for Donald Trump is stable.  But what we’re looking at here are the "Not Trump" voters, are are still trying to decide who to vote for and there are so many choices."

Here’s what this means:  The only way to know who voters will ultimately choose is to ask them right up until the time they go to the polls.

And that’s why that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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