If you thought there were two people in this debate, then I think you’re wrong, because I thought there were three.

President Obama wasn’t on the stage, but he was in virtually every question and answer.

And given the President’s unpopularity in New Hampshire that was a boost for Scott Brown, and a barricade for Jeanne Shaheen.

Shaheen lost the debate because she had to spend so much time on the defensive, talking about President’s policies on Ebola, Obamacare, ISIS and immigration.

She was much more effective in the second half, challenging Brown.

Brown was the winner:  he never looked uncomfortable. He has cable network level communication skills, and in this debate the issues were on his side.  He wasn’t perfect, but best for him, he’s not the President.

This is the kind of debate that can change votes because the two candidates haven’t been seen together before.

I don’t know how many votes it will change but, if I’m right and brown was the winner then this very close race may get even closer.

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