Immigration is a political land mine–any step, any move, even the wrong word–and it can explode.

But wherever you stand, can we agree on a few facts?

“You can come out of the shadows, and get right with the law,” President Barack Obama said.

Fact one:  The president pleased millions of people tonight…but  displeased more.

In a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 38% supported the the executive order, but 48% opposed it, with 14%  having no opinion.

Those are the numbers; this was not a popular move.       

Fact two :  Five million people is a lot of people.

The president’s order could affect as many people as now live in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, and the city of Boston.

That alone makes this a big deal.

Fact three:  Everything the president has done can be undone.

An executive order is not a law and is not permanent.  Another president could reverse it, or a court could rule it goes too far, and throw it out.

Fact four:  The president has put his legacy on the line. 

If his immigration plan succeeds, he deserves another Nobel Prize.  But if it fails, he fails. 

The president wanted this fight:  He picked the time and he set the terms. 

And what’s ahead will make the fiscal cliff look like a pile of pebbles.

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