Democratic delegates here endorsed Steve Grossman, embarrassed Martha Coakley, elevated Don Berwick, and said goodbye to Juliette Kayyem and Joe Avellone.
Democrats spent more time counting the votes, than actually voting. Steve Grossman is hoping his first place finish will help him become the state’s next governor.
Grossman: “It was a great day. I’ve got an army of activists behind me, the wind at my back, and thrilled to come out of this convention hall with the endorsement of the convention.”
Hiller: “So which is bigger, this or having a new grandchild?”
Grossman: “Oh, come on, having a new grandchild. If I put winning the convention nomination ahead of having a new grandchild, something would be wrong with me.”  
Martha Coakley wasn’t expected to win here, but given her statewide popularity, she did have to explain why she couldn’t carry a convention of committed Democrats.
“I think they’re totally different processes,” Coakley said. “They are different focuses, there have been four to six thousand people who have been focused on this race, through caucuses, it’s a very different dynamic.”
Perhaps today’s biggest surprise was the strong showing of Dr. Don Berwick, who came within two points of beating Coakley, claiming second place for himself. Berwick is now talking about November.
“I am not scared of Charlie Baker, and neither should you be. He lost once before and make no mistake, on November 4, we will defeat him again,” said Berwick.
Juliette Kayyem came close to getting on the ballot, earning 12 percent. Joe Avellone came in last with seven percent.
Make no mistake, state Democrats are divided. The party activists just said no to Martha Coakley though she’s ahead in every poll. So Coakley’s hope is that no one remembers this convention, and Grossman’s hope is that no one forgets.

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