This was–because it had to be–the jump on, and dump on Donald Trump debate.

With Trump threatening to run away with the Republican race, his opponents had to curb his momentum, and somehow trump him!

They certainly tried!

Trump was himself.

He was so assertive and aggressive, he stole Jeb’s exclamation point.

How effective was he?  The question mark is for "it depends on what the meaning of effective is."

Because he’s an asterisk– a special case– he’s tough to judge, but–based on past debates– I think he’ll be the big winner in this one, too.

The best of the rest? And the biggest loser?

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was also a winner.

He attacked Trump again and again, and drew some blood over Trump’s plans for health care and the Middle East.

Best of all for Rubio, he never repeated himself, and didn’t appear robotic.

Which made Ted Cruz the biggest loser.  

Cruz is in a death-match with Rubio to become the alternative to Trump, but–in this debate–Cruz was weaker than Rubio.

This was the last debate before Super Tuesday next week, and polls predict it will be another Trump thumping.

If that’s right, then Republicans, get ready:  Donald Trump is about to take you where no man has gone before.

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