Think about Donald Trump.

Now think about Bernie Sanders.

Does a Democratic Socialist from Brooklyn have anything in common with a carrot-topped billionaire?


Their personal histories and political policies couldn’t be farther apart, but their appeal has a startling similarity:  Both have significant support among voters who don’t trust the Federal government to do what’s right.

In the Republican race, Trump leads Sen. Ted Cruz, his closest rival, 53% -11%–a huge margin–among voters who distrust the government in Washington, D.C.

And on the Democratic side, Sen. Bernie Sanders has an even bigger edge, 69-21% over Hillary Clinton.

"Normally when we look at voters in these elections, we look at how liberal or conservative they are- but that’s not what’s going on here.  We’re looking at how trust is overtaking how people think about their vote, and that’s driving Sanders and Trump," said Dr. Josh Dyck, UMass Lowell pollster

But Clinton gets the best of Sanders when New Hampshire voters from both parties were asked, no matter who you’ll vote for, who do you think will be the next president?

Hillary Clinton was the number one answer with 23%, with Trump just a point behind, at 22%, and Sanders with 16%.
Interestingly, 30% are still undecided.

"It’s fascinating that 30%- that number – 30%  keep your eye on that.  It’s greater support of any candidate is getting who we think will win.  So voters don’t
know what’s going on in this election and that really highlights how unusual it is," said Dr. Dyck.

Now imagine a Trump-Sanders general election.

No matter who won, the mandate would be for change…Big change!

The problem is there’s no significant change both liberals and conservatives support.

What each side wants, the other fears.

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