Hiller Instinct: Walker joins the crowded GOP field

"I'm running for president to fight and win for the American people," said Gov. Scott Walker in his announcement video.

Just what the nation needs!  Another Republican running for president.  We like to say, "anyone can run" in America, and the G.O.P. is proving it.

So where does Walker fit in?  

Alphabetically, he's at the end of the list … But, in the polls, he's a player. 

In Iowa, he's number one.  Well, in front of Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee, his top challengers there. 

And in New Hampshire, which has a primary in February, he's in third, trailing only Bush and Donald Trump, when you average all the polls.

Of course the GOP primary fight is like a horse race. But, this time, it's a race with too many horses.

Here are pictures of the 15 Republican candidates without their names.  How many can you recognize?

Now, let's add the names to the faces.  How many of these candidates do you know anything about? 

Not too many is my guess.

And that's a big problem for the Republicans.

Like an imploding building, the Republican race is in danger of  collapsing on itself, burying too many candidates fighting for too little public attention.

Meanwhile, with Bernie Sanders creating all the excitement on the Democratic side, Democrats have problems, too.

The independent Senator from Vermont, who says he's a socialist, is pulling front runner Hillary Clinton to the left, which could make it harder for her to appeal to moderates later on.

"The more, the better, let's get everybody out there, let's get everybody working hard, running their own campaigns and then we'll leave it up to Iowa to decide what happens in February," said Clinton.

Presidential elections are supposed to be inspiring, but how can this one be?

Voters will have hard time just keeping track of everyone who is running.

What's inspirational about that?