Paris changed everything.

It turned what would have been a sleepy Saturday night into a wide awake look at the war on terror.

It was a showcase for Hillary Clinton, but it also had a double-edged sword.

Timing is everything, and life’s not fair. And this debate was a slam dunk for Clinton, because at a time when national security experience is suddenly at a premium, she’s the Democrats’ gold standard.

Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley really weren’t losers, but when it came to foreign policy, both came across more as supporting actors than potential presidents. 

Neither challenged Clinton’s views very aggressively, but big challenges will come from the Republican Party. 

And that’s why this debate was also a win for the Republicans. Paris will trigger a full throated debate over Clinton’s role in foreign policy and President Obama’s, and they’re both vulnerable.

The last thing this nation needs is another issue that divides us, but that’s exactly what Paris presents. 

Will it be full speed ahead, or lead from behind? We’re going to have to choose. 

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