History is made up of memories.

More important–if you’re watching Market Basket turn into a basket case, do you remember Grand Union, Purity Supreme, or Johnnie’s Foodmaster?

Those are just three of the once thriving grocery chains that no longer exist.

And Market Basket could be next.

Because what you’re watching is brand destruction.

As we watch, Market Basket is ruining its reputation.

Before last month, it was known for low prices and high employee morale, a difficult combination for any company to keep.

But, now, carrying a Market Basket bag is a symbol of taking a side in a labor dispute.

Because if you shop there, doesn’t that mean you’re against the workers?

Wouldn’t it easier to just go somewhere else?

There could be a real lose-lose ahead, where the workers lose their jobs, and the owners  lose their business.

Maybe the workers will cave, and come back, but does Market Basket’s new team in charge want to take that chance?

Unfortunately, the answer may be yes, because Market Basket’s family feud sounds more like a hate-filled divorce than a simple business transaction.

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