Hiller: President Obama should cancel Vineyard vacation

Matha’s Vineyard is a world class vacation spot, and President Obama has made it the place to be for his his family’s summer vacations.

The president has come to the Vineyard every year since he’s been elected, except one, in 2012, an election year.

Next month he’s scheduled to be there again, for more than two weeks.

Mr. President:  please consider canceling, and not coming.

Sending your family would be fine.

But, for you,the Vineyard’s beauty could turn ugly.

It’s not the traffic jams you cause, or the crowds you create, it’s just the way it may look.

Take the immigration crisis, for example.

When you were in texas earlier this month, here’s how you explained not going to the border to see it firsthand:

“I’m not interested in photo ops, I’m interested in the problem,” said the president.

So what happens if the mess at tthe Mexican border continues during your vacation and these are the photo ops we see of you?

Surely you understand pictures like these may not help your policies.

And it will only be worse if there are more deaths in the Mid-East, and more pictures like these coming from the Vineyard.

So please do yourself a favor, think about a staycation at the White House.  

You’ll still have a backboard,  a movie theater, a place to golf, to relax and, most importantly, images of you working in the Oval Office, not looking like you’re pretending to work on the Vineyard.