I understand the frustration with our recent snow but take comfort in knowing that you just lived through the snowiest 10 day blitz of snow in history (recorded). Here are some truly remarkable snow stats for the city of Boston:

*Snowfall past 7 days: 40.5″
*Snowfall past 10 days: 47.7″—-average for ENTIRE WINTER is 43.8″ (think about that one for a few seconds)
*Snowfall so far this winter: 53.4″. Worcester seasonal total is up to 72.6″.

The reason is a hyperactive jet stream. Back in December, we had a similar hyperactive jet stream but absolutely no cold air so they were only rainstorms. That jet stream is back in beast mode but NOW we have the arctic air….result? Snow blitz. Moving forward I do see our active pattern continuing for another 1-2 weeks so plan on more snow in the coming days weeks. Sorry.

Our next bout of snow is Thursday. It’s not major but it will be snowing during the morning commute & I do think it will be enough snow to worry about more shoveling & plowing (looks like 2-4″ of snow). This next wave of snow is an arctic front that will re-enforce the arctic air into New England for Friday as well as the weekend.

 45 days until spring.




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