Much fresher feel to the air today. The landscape even seemed to be refreshed with the saturating rain across Southern New England. Hardest hit areas in the storm were out on Cape Cod, where up to 5 whole American inches fell on the Seashore in Truro. Good thing the soil is sandy and the ocean nearby, otherwise we could have had some serious flooding.

Clouds will be slow to clear this evening thanks to the onshore wind. In fact, with that wind around tomorrow, we could see them return in the afternoon. That’s the root of our problem on Saturday too: continuing onshore wind feeding cloud development. Kind of like the atmospheric equivalent of feeding the pigeons.

The clouds DO have an affect on advancing showers Saturday, however. They’ll delay them for one, and also, because our winds will be from a onshore direction, they’ll weaken them. Clearly a catch-22: no bright sun, but a better chance for holding off the showers until late day – or even the evening.

Sunday looks great with tons of sun and a feisty wind. Without a bunch of cold air shuffling in behind Saturday’s front, we’ll manage to push the highs back into the mid 60s. In fact, we’ll keep warding off the cool air in the long rang and possibly make another run for 70 by the middle of next week.

Topsfield Fair is back in action starting tomorrow and foliage is advancing south very quickly this year. Early signs point to a good stand of vibrant colors across all of New England. Tip your hat to the departing rain (and recent cool snap last week) for that.


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