Ho ho? Oh, no! It’s too warm for Boston holiday wonderland

BOSTON (AP) — Santa Claus or Santa Thaws?

Boston city officials say they’re postponing the opening of a European-style “Boston Winter” outdoor wonderland because it’s unseasonably warm.

City Hall Plaza was being transformed into a North Pole, complete with an ice skating path tucked among chocolate fountains and wooden chalets selling Christmas ornaments. But hours before it was to open to the public, Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh temporarily called it off.

Walsh tweeted: “Warm weather in December (climate change?) caused ice skating path to melt, postponing today’s opening. Sad!”

City spokeswoman Samantha Ormsby says the path wouldn’t freeze amid temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. Usually the city around this time of year is in the 30s or low 40s.

Organizers say they’ve nudged the grand opening to next Wednesday.

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