This time of year, wind can really foul up your day by adding a real chill to the air. Temps crawled into the 40s but a persistent northeast wind made it feel like the low to mid 30s for much of the day. I’ve said it before that I would much rather have a day in the 20s with no wind versus temps near 40 and a lot of wind. Thankfully for today, we have little to no wind and temps are seasonably mild!

Now…..the only issue about today is sunshine–or, a lack of–and at this time of year, we’re already severely compromised of daylight! The reason for the light wind is High Pressure, which is usually associated with dry air & sunshine. Unfortunately, our clouds from yesterday are *trapped* here because of the light wind–that wind moves those clouds around planet Earth. Sooo……..plan on more clouds than sunshine but temps still reach the upper 40s with little to no wind—decent December day!

The end of the week and into the upcoming weekend offers warm air returning to New England. Temps reach the upper 50s & even the low 60s for Thursday through Saturday (Sunday sees the numbers in the low to mid 50s). We will have the risk of a few sprinkles tomorrow morning but otherwise it’s a dry stretch of weather right through the weekend.


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