Band of high clouds streaming in today managed to blot out some sun, but not before we snagged another beautiful day. Highs managed to sneak into the 60s despite a cool start.

Speaking of cool, tomorrow’s going to feel like November. Clouds and showers won’t give us much of a chance to recover from a chilly morning. My forecast range? 54-58. Flat-out cold. Will you throw the switch and turn the heat on?

Before you get the boiler cranking, consider the graphic to the right. The one with the entire holiday weekend forecast laid out before you. Sunday isn’t so bad, and Monday is a tad milder than that.

But first, let’s square up over the rain tomorrow. First part of the day is wettest, second half sees some drying – with the Cape/Islands last to see the drops fall. This system is not a mature storm, so there isn’t much to fret over. It could come to us in two pieces too, with the first batch whimpering out in the early morning followed by a late morning resurgence. Either way, if you have plans tomorrow night, all should be good…just bring the jacket.

Like last weekend, Sunday shines all around. Highs near 60 with a deep blue October sky you read about. Monday will see an increase in the cloud cover, but we still manage to make low/mid 60s.

Warmup still in the pipeline for next week. 70s should return for a day…or two. Certainly not worthy of turning (keeping) the heat on.

Make it a great, safe holiday weekend.


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