Fridays are fun and energetic and when those Fridays are on the eve of a Holiday Weekend it ups the energy further. The only issue is a band of showers about to sweep through New England. Thankfully these showers are not tied to a big, slow moving storm but rather a fast moving cold front.

This front will do a number of things to our sensible weather today…

1. Create a lot of clouds and eventually some rain. I think this morning is dry (perhaps some late morning sprinkles) with the risk of rain low until about 3-4pm. The shower threat is scattered in nature but most of us likely get some rain between 3-10pm. Dry after that.

2. The energized nature of the front will lead to some of these showers to be locally heavy, producing a quick .30" of rain but most towns get less than .10" of rain.

3. Look for increasing southerly winds gusting between 15-25mph mid to late afternoon.

4. That southwesterly wind means, despite clouds, temps will soar into the upper 60s for much of the afternoon & evening.

All in all, a windy & warm day with some late afternoon-evening showers.

In any event, this front is long gone by tomorrow morning as High Pressure takes it from there. All three days are dry with partly to mostly sunny skies. In terms of temps, Saturday is the coolest, most crisp with temps only near 60 by afternoon and some leftover morning wind adding to the chill. That wind fades away by afternoon. Sunday & Columbus Day offer sunny skies and mild temps each afternoon with temps near 70. Simply great for leaf peeping, apple picking, pumpkin picking, golf, yard work and anything else outside.



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