It was only a matter of time before this cold pattern would pop a winter storm. The worst part about the storm is the fact that it happens on the busiest travel day of the year. Thankfully, it’s a fast mover and will not be spending the holiday weekend with us.

For you snow lovers that live along the coast and out toward I-495 this isn’t your storm, sorry. There just isn’t any arctic air for this storm to work with so it will have to make its own cold air and that’s asking too much when our current temps are in the mid 40s along the coast. Plan on mainly rain & sleet around the I-95 corridor and points east. Once you step into the Worcester Hills and farther west into western New England (CT as well as southern NH too) then you will have just enough cold air to make this a snowstorm. Our *Special Map* in the maps section details the snow potential.

Wind is also an issue with this storm along the coast where wind gusts near 40 mph (near 50 on Cape Cod).  Needless to say travel will deteriorate across much of southern New England mid to late afternoon due to the wintry mix as well as the heavy rain/wind along the coastline.

This storm peels out of here around midnight and as it does a little bit of snow is possible in metro Boston but not enough to be concerned about shovels/plows in the city. Thanksgiving offers some meteorological leftovers in the form of clouds & a few flurries with daytime temps in the 30s. Dry weather is expected for the remainder of the holiday weekend.

Be safe these next few days catching up with family & friends.


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