Home invaded and sprayed with hate graffiti

Troutdale, OR (WHDH) — Hasel Afshar had no choice but to clean up after he came home Wednesday to find his Oregon home covered in hate graffiti.

The word ‘terrorist’ was scrawled across his kitchen cabinets, ‘Muslim’ and ‘kill you’ on bedroom walls and ‘die’ painted across a mirror.

All of his furniture was slashed too.

His TV was spray painted and his doors were hacked up with a hatchet.

“The funny thing is,” said Afshar,” I’m not Muslim.”

A refugee from Iran he came to the United States seven years ago.

Investigators also found seven bullets laid out across on his table and a note they took as evidence, that said: “If I come back here and see you again, something like that, I will shoot you and burn your house,” said Afshar.

He is not angry about the damage but he simply hopes whoever did this will find some peace.

“I don’t want anything to happen to him,” said Afshar, “I hope he just grow up and don’t hate people.”

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