Five homes were evacuated after a two-car crash that sent one van off the road, mowing down two propane tanks and a fence before crashing into a home Thursday afternoon.

Officials ordered the evacuations of several homes in the area because of possible danger related to the propane tanks.

A spokesperson confirmed the larger vehicle was an Arlington Public Schools SUV that was driving from Lexington to Arlington and was struck by another vehicle around 12:10 p.m. The other vehicle struck a utility pole.

Two bus drivers were on board, but they were not seriously injured and were taken to the hospital for examination.

The drivers were on an errand to pick up replacement parts for a school bus when the crash occurred, the spokesperson said.

People who lived on Lowell Street in Lexington were jostled by the two-car crash.

“There was just a huge crack that came from outside. It sounded like almost a tree falling, or something, and then I guess the fence came down,” Marissa Herman said.

Four adults, two in each vehicle, were taken to the hospital with what were described as minor injuries.

The other issue for firefighters was the propane leaking from the 125-gallon tanks.

“It was not a fire event. It was just leaking propane, which in itself is an inherent hazard,” said Assistant Chief Ken Tremblay of the Lexington Fire Department.

“The police came to the front door, told me to get out quickly, yeah, because they were afraid of odors,” said resident Jeanette Seruli.

The SUV was towed away from the house and the propane tanks were carefully removed.

Workers were shoring up the house to make sure it was structurally sound. An investigation will continue with Lexington Police. Evacuated residents were allowed back in their homes.

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