7News Reporter Victoria Warren joined thousands of others at this year’s FARE Walk in Hopkinton to raise food allergy awareness.  15-million Americans live with some type of food allergy, including Victoria’s youngest son Chase.  FARE invited Victoria to emcee the event which included a 2-mile walk through Hopkinton State Park and raised close to $90-thousand dollars for FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education.)

Victoria says, ‘Food Allergy is a diagnosis that goes far beyond the person diagnosed with it.  It is Click here to learn more about Victoria's son Chase and his journey with FPIES a diagnosis for an entire family and in some extreme cases for everyone who comes in contact with a food allergic person.’ 

Her son Chase was diagnosed as an infant with a rare food allergic disorder called, FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome).

There is no test for FPIES and in some cases it leads to an extremely limited diet and the risk of sepsis-like shock.  Victoria is very excited organizations like FARE are recognizing the challenges FPIES children face and also excited that this year marks the first-ever Global FPIES Day on Oct. 14th.

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