Horses run wild through rush-hour traffic on Route 2

LITTLETON, Mass. (WHDH) — A pair of horses ran wild Tuesday evening through rush-hour traffic on Route 2 before being wrangled and taken away to safety.

Multiple 7News viewers snapped photos of the horses as they trotted past cars in Acton and Littleton. Mark Mello was driving home from work when he spotted the horses galloping alongside cars on the westbound side of the highway near exit 41.

“They were looking to try and hop over the median. People were speeding by in the breakdown lane,” said Mello. “They could have gotten hit. It could have been really bad.”

The horses are Jack and Molly, two Suffolk Punch horses who took off from their farm and took a trot down the highway.

“They tore down the electric fence, went down the driveway and down the road, over the barrier and onto Route 2,” said owner Pamela Campbell. She said she found out her horses got loose when a neighbor called her.

State police used their cruisers to help corral Jack and Molly. Campbell then arrived on the scene and led the horses back through the woods to the farm.


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