Hot air balloon in NH deflates, lands on power lines

HAMPSTEAD, N.H. (WHDH)–A scary scene in one New Hampshire town when a hot air balloon didn’t make it too far off the ground. It hit trees and ended up tangled in power lines. No one got hurt, but it knocked out the town's power!

It was a beautiful morning for a hot air balloon ride. That's what everyone thought onboard this red, white and blue balloon.

But things went bad quickly.

The operator had problems right from the beginning. He says the balloon started deflating soon after take-off.

When he tried to land, he says a cross wind blew him right into power lines.

The basket was left hanging from the electrical wires and the balloon, quickly deflating, left draped over the power lines.

People in the area, ran over to help.

“Neighbors and other bystanders were helping people evacuate the basket,” said Capt. Will Warnock, Hampstead, NH fire department.

The power line's circuit breakers activated, cutting off power avoiding a potentially deadly situation.

“Nobody was hurt, the 4 occupants in the basket all escaped unharmed,” Warnock said.