A hot air balloon dropped into an unusual landing spot Monday morning — the front yard of a Salem, N.H. home.

Homeowner Candice Romero was there at the time, but didn’t realize the balloon had landed until later, she said. One neighbor said it clipped a tree branch as it came down, but no one was harmed. The riders were bused away from the scene as the balloon deflated.

“Yeah, so that’s my yard and I didn’t realize that was here this morning and I was working literally where that window is,” Romero said. “It’s pretty crazy. I’m glad that they found a big enough space to land in without actually landing in the pool or the trees, or anything like that, so it’s pretty crazy. And it was very quiet. I didn’t hear it at all. Or see it.”

Romero’s son knew the balloon landed in their yard before she did, thanks to a classmate in the neighborhood.

“She told him that he had a hot air balloon in our yard today, and I was like, ‘What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ and sure enough, he was right. I don’t know how [the classmate] found out in school where I didn’t know here,” Romero said.

The hot air balloon company said this landing was routine. The owner said that while pilots can adjust the altitude, they essential go where the wind takes them.

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