Hot, Hot Heat

Remember when we were kicking off the month of July with still no 90° to speak of in Boston?!  Seems like ages ago when we were wondering if the hot, hot heat of summer would ever set in… Well, now it's here – and it looks like it's here to stay for a while.

Like I said last night; summer is great when the gettin' is good, but it also comes along with summer storms.  We were tracking strong to severe thunderstorms once again this afternoon, and they were pretty nasty in some cases.  I'm sure those storms rolling in swept the beach clean of people in a hurry this afternoon. One storm even prompted a Tornado Warning along the south coast of Rhode Island, near Narragansett. No reports of tornadoes or funnel clouds, but there were many reports of flooding and damage caused by wind, and lightning.  

For tomorrow, storms are out but steam is in.  The temps will start mild (in the upper 60s to near 70 for most) and quickly rise under hazy sunshine.  Highs tomorrow will be 88-95°!  Hot enough for you?  Let's add on dewpoints still running between 65-70°, which means the humidity will make it feel even hotter.  Ever wondered why the humidity makes the heat index (real feel) go up?  Well, our bodies respond to heat by sweating (we know this).  But why does sweating keep us cool?  Evaporation (of our sweat) is a cooling process.  So, it's the sweat that is evaporating from our skin that keeps us cool.  When it's humid outside, the air around us is already holding a lot of moisture – therefore, our own "body moisture," or sweat, can't evaporate into the surrounding air to keep us cool.  Muggy air – no evaporation of sweat – no cooling process for sweaty bodies.  Gross.  Yuck.  You didn't ask, but I told you anyway.

We won't be looking for storms tomorrow, but there is a slight chance of showers/storms on Thursday with the passage of a cool front.  We'll keep an eye on this.  But the cool front really is a benefit to us, as it should bring the dewpoints down – making Friday a little less humid than it's been as of late.  Still a 3 on the frizz-factor for Friday, but it's a bit of an improvement!

By the looks of things, "around 90°" stays in the forecast for a bit.  If you're not a fan of the hot, hot heat; remember, I don't control the weather.  I'm just the sweaty messenger.  – Breezy