Hoverboard blamed for fire that killed one child in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA (WHDH) — A Pennsylvania community is in mourning after a tragic fire.

Flames tore through a home killing a little girl and a firefighter on his way to the scene.

“I’m so hurt. I’m hurt. My soul is hurt,” said Mark Hughes. His granddaughter, Ashanti, who was just shy of her third birthday, was killed in the fire.

And firefighters say an exploding hover board is to blame.

Hughes other granddaughter, 3-year-old Imani and another girl are still in critical condition.

The Hughes’ family aren’t the only victims.

A man and a teenage boy were also hurt in the fire, though both are now out of the hospital.

A fire lieutenant died on his way to the fire when police say a woman driving under the influence ran a stop sign and t-boned his car.

He had just left a funeral for a fellow firefighter.

Crews say a hover board plugged into an outlet sparked the flames while the family was home.

“Just be careful with everything you buy,” said Hughes, “and make sure it works right because if it don’t work right this is going to happen and you’ll never know when this is going to happen.”

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