How do you make Bill Belichick smile? Tom Brady shares the secret

(WHDH) — How does one make New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick smile? It’s been widely speculated for years. Very few have succeeded at it, at least in a public setting.

At Super Bowl Opening Night, Tom Brady revealed the secret to making his coach smile.

“Is it possible to get him to smile,” one reporter asked Brady. “Say Navy, lacrosse, Lawrence Taylor, and Bon Jovi,” Brady said. “Those four.”

Former Patriot Willie McGinest knows how to make Belichick smile better than almost anyone. In an interview Monday night, McGinest evoked nine smiles, according to the NFL Network’s “smile counter.”

Making Belichick laugh, well, that’s another story. After 18 years together, the 40-year-old quarterback is still trying to figure it out.

“I have no idea,” Brady said when asked what the “easiest way” was to make Belichick laugh.

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